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Our Most Popular Services

  • Acrylic/Gel Enhancements $40-45

    Artificial tips are applied to your natural nail. A thin coat of acrylic is applied and sculpted as desired. Nails will be beautiful and durable. We'll buff your nails to a shine or top it off with polish.

  • Forever French Enhancements $50

    Using pink and white acrylic, we'll sculpt French manicure nails for a crisp, classic look. A great option for clients not naturally blessed with beautiful nails. This service can correct and camouflage a variety of nail flaws.

  • Fills and Rebalances$30

    Nail enhancements must be maintained every 2-3 weeks. During a fill, new product is added at the growth line & nails are reshaped and repolished.

  • Gel Shellac Manicure$35

Men welcome.